Mi Banco Mobile app for iPhone® and iPod touch® is a FREE application that gives you even more functionalities than the mobile website.

  • Manage your accounts and balances 24/7.
  • View activity in your accounts, including transactions made during the last 18 months.
  • View your e-Bills.
  • Make transfers between accounts.
  • Give your accounts your own touch, personalize them.
  • Remember pre-set amounts.
  • Set a calendar for e-Bills and schedule payments.
  • Store receipts.
  • Locate automatic teller machines and branches through GPS technology.
  • "Contact Us" button for assistance.


Receive your bills wherever you are; quicker than mail. 

The e-Bills service is FREE for customers with Banco Popular credit cards, utilities and others.

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Search for branches and automatic teller machines nearby. 

We use GPS technology to provide locations wherever you are.



Save time transferring money between your accounts thru 
Mi Banco Mobile. You will be able to transfer funds and have access to them immediately.


  • Reference number as a transfer receipt.
  •  Confirmation via email.
  • Text message notification.
  • Instant availability.


More than 5,000 payees available, such as water, electricity, telephone, cable TV, satellite TV, cell phone, credit cards, mortgage, car loans, personal loans, government agencies, resident associations, schools and much more.

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Personalization of Accounts

When you use Mi Banco Mobile application, your information is protected by 128-bit encryption, the same used on My Online Bank. 

This means that nobody can intercept your information. To make it even more secure, no information, such as account numbers or transactions issued, will be stored on your mobile device.



We understand the importance of having a payment evidence. This is why every time you pay through Mi Banco Mobile, you will receive a reference number and/or a confirmation that guarantees we have received and will processed your payment. It’s like the stamped payment slip from the branch, but digital.

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