Accessibility Policy

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Popular, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including Banco Popular de Puerto Rico (“Popular,” “We,” “Our”) are devoted to providing accessible services for all users, including those with disabilities. To meet our goals, we offer the following accessible services to facilitate access to our products and services at our branches, online, and through TeleBanco Popular®.

In-person accessible services

  • Reading service: Our Bank Consultants and TeleBanco Popular® representatives are available to read and explain the documents and forms required to open or apply for products or services, or to help you make your transactions. Since the branches’ hours vary by location, we recommend that you make an appointment through TeleBanco Popular® to request reading service from a Bank Consultant at any of our branches.

    Our representatives at TeleBanco Popular® are available 24 hours a day to help our customers with their account statements or other transactions. For more information, contact your branch or call 787.724.3659 or 1.888.724.3659.

  • SIGHT CHECKS®: Raised-line large-type checks to guide you by touch and ease the writing. These checks can be ordered for your personal checking account and the cost is the same as an order of duplicate checks.
  • Full-page magnifiers: We have magnifying equipment in our branches to make it easier to read printed material or to fill out important banking documents.
  • Sign Language Interpreting Service: We count on the assistance of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters available at our branches by appointment, free of charge. To make an appointment, call TeleBanco Popular® at 787.753.9677 or 1.800.981.9666, or visit your nearest branch.
  • Voice guidance ATMs throughout the island: ATM voice guidance provides audible information and instructions for users with visual impairment. To find the ATM closest to you, access our ATM locator portal by clicking here.
  • Physical accessibility: Our branches include parking for disabled persons, wheelchair accessibility, and accessible bathrooms. Some of our branches also have a “drive-through” for your convenience.

Accessible services from your home

  • My Online Bank: Our internet banking service allows you to verify your accounts and make payments quickly and securely anytime, anywhere, without having to visit a branch. Among the services included are Direct Deposit, automatic payments, electronic account statements and banking alerts. For more information visit: Mi Banco Online.
  • Telebanco Popular: Our telephone banking service allows you to verify balances and transactions of your accounts, make payments, transfers and obtain product information and services 24 hour a day through the following services:
    • Teletypewriter service for the hearing-impaired: Customers can communicate with TeleBanco Popular® via teletypewriter (TTY/TDD) for information about accounts and services by calling 787.724.3659 or 1.888.724.3659.
    • Video Relay Service (VRS): We accept video interpreting service calls subject to a written consent by the customer. To request this service, contact TeleBanco Popular® at 787.724.3659 or 1.888.724.3659 or visit your nearest branch to fill out the authorization form.
  • Chat: Our Popular Chat representatives may clarify your doubts about your individual accounts and debit cards. To start using this service, access: our chat.
  • An accessible website: Our web-based applications accessibility efforts are guided by the design requirements recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA. Below our recommendations to ensure a valuable online experience.
    • Desktop Operating Systems and Browsers: We recommend accessing our website using the browsers Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari (only on Mac). It is important to always keep your operating system and browser up to date for the best user experience possible.

      For optimal reading, resize browser content through its settings.

    • Screen Readers: For site visitors with visual impairment, we recommend using screen reading applications on desktop such as JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver. For our mobile apps, we recommend TalkBack on Android and VoiceOver on iOS, which are both integrated into their respective operating systems.

      It is also important to enable your screen reader to automatically read symbols, special characters, and accents for the best navigating experience possible.

    • Assessment Approach:
      • Popular tests the accessibility of its web-based services through the following approaches:
        • External evaluations: Automated assessments and Manual assessments
        • Internal evaluations

For more information on Accessible Services

If you have any questions or comments about Popular’s accessible services, please contact our ADA Coordinator: