Start managing your money and have your own ATH® Card.

This account is directed towards a father, mother or legal tutor of children between 8 to 17 years of age. The ATH POP® account allows your child to manage their money and obtain their own ATH® Card.

Account Features:

  • $25 minimum initial deposit to open the account.
  • $2 monthly service fee, if the balance on any day of the statement period is less than $100.
  • Unlimited FREE transactions at over 600 Banco Popular ATM's.
  • ATH® Card with exclusive design.
  • Tiered interest rate, if the average daily balance of the cycle is equal or greater than $500.
  • The father, mother, or legal tutor can transfer funds to the account through My Online Bank or Telepago Popular®.

Remember, to open an ATH POP account, in addition to the father's, mother's, or legal tutor’s documentation the following information is also required:

  • The child’s Birth Certificate
  • The child’s Social Security Number

Characteristics and Fees of the ATH POP® account

Open your account today at your nearest branch.

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