Increase your business’ capacity with Smart Terminals1. With pvot® systems you will be able to:

  • Accept payments made with: ATH® debit cards, credit cards EMV/Chip, EBT and through ATH Móvil2
  • Manage and maintain your business inventory with data from transactions for an optimal control
  • Generate real time reports on sales, transactions and inventory
  • Handle employee shifts
  • Receive faster deposits in you account from card transactions3
  • Process online orders from your virtual store so that your customers can easily buy your products from anywhere

We configure the system according to your business needs and help you configure your first inventory.

Manage your business with Pvot

Are you a restaurant owner?
With pvot® you can also:

  • Create combos and modifiers
  • Divide tips - immediately or through an adjustment
  • Configure your tables and print at the bar or kitchen
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Accept client payments via Internet with Checkout Payment System4

  • The only Internet system that accepts ATH® debit cards
  • Accepts VISA®, Mastercard® and checks (ACH verified)
  • Facilitate payments to your customers by sending notifications via text messages5, email and/or social media
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Checkout Payment Systems

Accept debit and credit card payments installing a Point of Sale (POS) Terminal1

  • Connect to the network via telephone line, Internet or signal
  • Accept Payments from your customers through ATH Móvil QR
  • Provide a fiscal control number
  • Get a daily transaction report at the end of the day
  • Choose between models including Pay at the Table for wireless payments
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Point of Sale (POS) Terminal

Use your smartphone or tablet to process payments easily with Mobile POS1

  • Process payments quickly
  • Accept payments made with debit and credit cards
  • Generate electronic transactions (EBT and ACH)6
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Mobile POS

Use your computer to accept payments in your business with Virtual POS1

  • Process secure payments from any location
  • Accept debit and credit card payments
  • Configure tax payments
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Virtual POS

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