Increase your business’ capacity with Smart Terminals1. With pvot® and poynt systems you will be able to:

  • Provide flexibility and mobility to your customers when accepting payments
  • Manage your business’ inventory
  • Accept payments made with debit and credit cards
  • Provide a fiscal control number
  • Handle employee shifts
  • Provide online reports on sales, products, and payment methods
  • Receive personalized and local service
  • Receive faster deposits in you account from card transactions2
Manage your business with Pvot

Are you a restaurant owner?
With pvot® you can also:

  • Create combos and modifiers
  • Divide tips - immediately or through an adjustment
  • Configure your tables and print at the bar or kitchen
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Accept client payments via Internet with Checkout Payment System3

  • The only Internet system that accepts ATH® debit cards
  • Accepts VISA®, Mastercard® and checks (ACH verified)
  • Facilitate payments to your customers by sending notifications via text messages4, email and/or social media
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Checkout Payment Systems

Accept debit and credit card payments installing a Point of Sale (POS) Terminal1

  • Connect to the network via telephone line, Internet or signal
  • Get a daily transaction report at the end of the day
  • Choose between models including Pay at the Table for wireless payments
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Point of Sale (POS) Terminal

Use your smartphone or tablet to process payments easily with Mobile POS1

  • Process payments quickly
  • Accept payments made with debit and credit cards
  • Generate electronic transactions (EBT and ACH)5
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Mobile POS

Use your computer to accept payments in your business with Virtual POS1

  • Process secure payments from any location
  • Accept debit and credit card payments
  • Configure tax payments
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Virtual POS

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