Retirement Plan - Participant Education

Timely and accurate information is vital for you and your plan members in an ever-changing environment. Fiduciary Services provides you various tools to help keep you and your employees informed.

We will coordinate with your Human Resources Department on the best way to organize and conduct education and enrollment meetings.

  • Inform participants about the characteristics, plan design and benefits of your plan.
  • Provide basic retirement planning and investment education, focusing on the importance of diversification, investment objectives, historical rate of return and other details of the investment funds selected by your sponsor.
  • Explain the various disbursement options available during active service or upon termination of employment, including restrictions and tax implications for each payment option.
  • Educate on how to manage the account online at and/or through the voice response system.

Retirement Plan - Participant Forms

While you remain a plan participant, there will be events or transactions defined in your plan document for which your employer will require you to complete certain forms. Most of these forms must be signed and returned to your employer. For your convenience, and in order to increase your plan's administrative efficiency, we have included the following employee forms:

For more information, please contact us at 787.754.4005 or online. To manage your account online, you may visit