Popular Pay by Phone

Allows your clients with accounts in Popular to make payments either by phone or online simplifying the collection process.


  • Update your receivable accounts quickly and efficiently
  • Minimizes risk of loss or theft
  • Available funds accurately determined
  • Easy management of daily payment reconciliation
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Checkout Payment Systems

Robust and secure web solution designed to provide your business the capability to accept payments from clients via Internet.  Clients can select their preferred payment option through a secure website located in Popular servers. 


  • Daily reconciliation
  • System monitoring
  • Accepts Visa, MasterCard and checks (ACH verified)
  • Only Internet system that accepts the ATH card (BPPR)
  • Reduces operational expenses

Pago Expreso Popular (POS)

You may provide your clients with the ease and convenience of paying for their purchases with debit or credit cards. Evertec will install an electronic terminal at the point of sale (POS) through which transactions are authorized and processed payments are deposited in your account each day.

Popular Wireless (POS)

This service allows restaurants, businesses offering delivery service, and mobile businesses to accept debit or credit card payments via a wireless terminal at the point of sale.

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ATH Móvil Business

New app that lets you receive payments from ATH Móvil users just by using the name of your business, as well known as pATH. Accept payments from 750,000+ ATH Móvil users.


  • Receive money in real time – Payments by your customers are available instantly. You can see a summary of the money you have received during the day.
  • Transaction reports – Receive reports by e-mail on weekly and monthly sales with the payments you have received.
  • Refunds – You can refund money to your customers from the app. This credit is instantly reflected and is documented in your transaction history.
  • Transaction limits – You can accept up to $10,000 daily. Your customers can pay you up to $1,500 per day.

Download the app today in the App Store or Google Play or visit athmovilbusiness.com for more information.

Please contact us to obtain more information about our products and services, call our Business Banking Center at 1-855-756-3939.