Mi Banco Business

Offers direct access to manage your business accounts via Internet and obtain information in real time on balances and transactions. 1



  • New! Process your payroll payments electronically through the ePayroll module2
  • Export your transactions to QuickBooks®
  • Check balances and verify transactions in your business accounts any time
  • Use the new Expense Report Tool, which includes charts of your transactions by category
  • Transfer funds instantly between Popular accounts
  • Let your business make electronic payments, such as water, electricity, phone bills and others
  • Receive payment and transfer confirmations by e-mail 
  • Access electronic images of your checks (front and back)
  • Originate and cancel stop payments
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Web Cash Manager℠

Offers direct access to manage your business accounts via Internet and obtain information in real time on balances and transactions. Using the program’s various modules; you can make ACH payments, make transfers between Popular accounts, wire transfers and originate and cancel stop payments. 3


  • Assign users and multiple levels of access per user to have more control over your finances
  • Register all of your business accounts under any employer identification number  
  • Process your company’s electronic payments, such as: payroll, taxes, suppliers, water, electricity and telephone bills, etc.
  • Originate wire transfers in USD or foreign currency
  • Generate your own reports with information on your accounts and other services that you receive from Popular
  • Export information on balances and transactions
  • Access electronic images of your checks (front and back)

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Related Services

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e-Commercial Statement

Receive your commercial account statement via the Internet quickly, safely and in electronic PDF format through a Secure Site. The service is completely FREE when you replace the current printed statement for the electronic format.


  • Provides access to your account statement via the Internet from any location.
  • Includes the front and back images of your paid checks.
  • You can save the statement in your electronic files.
  • The last eighteen (18) statements will always be available in the site.
  • It is safe and reliable; a password is required to access the statements.


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Remote Deposit

Allows you to deposit your checks without having to go to the bank. You will be able to scan and create an image of the check to be deposited using a computer and a scanner located at your office. An electronic check image file is submitted through the Internet. 4


  • Make deposits without going to a branch
  • Checks are automatically endorsed
  • Save check images for future reference
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Popular Deposit Trace (PDT)

Provides your company the convenience of managing business deposits and cash requisitions via Internet.


  • Increases cash flow for your business
  • Provides detailed reports of all deposits
  • Reduces adjustments and minimizes manual errors
  • Accessible from any place with Internet access
  • Improves operational efficiency for the management of your deposits 
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