ATH® Gift Card

The perfect gift for any occasion.


A Banco Popular Gift Card with prepaid balance, which can be used in any merchant that accepts payments with ATH® cards.

  • Banco Popular Gift Card with a prepaid balance.
  • Available for individual and corporate clients.
  • You can choose the amount, from $20 to $500, in multiples of $10.
  • Charge per card: $4.1
  • Includes Banco Popular Gift Card, card carrier and envelope.


  • Banco Popular is the only bank in Virgin Islands that offers a Gift Card that can be used in any store that accepts payments with ATH® cards.2
  • Your funds are available instantly.
  • Allows withdraw of money and balance inquiry FREE of charge at any of the Banco Popular ATMs.2
  • Same benefits as cash.
  • More convenient than gift certificates, checks or cash.
  • Has an individual PIN number.

TeleBanco Popular® is available 24/7 for more information regarding the ATH® Gift Card. Call toll free at 1-888-724-3659.

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