• Use it in over 13 million establishments around the world where the Visa card is accepted and at over 600 automatic teller machines throughout the island.
  • Automatic debit from your deposit account, similar to debits from your regular ATH® debit card.
  • Access your Popular credit and checking account details 24 hours a day online through Mi Banco, TeleBank Popular®, and TelePayment Popular®.


Enjoy quick and safe access to your funds and purchases with your ATH International Visa card, anywhere Visa cards are accepted or Plus® symbols are displayed.


  • Accumulate PREMIA®1 points!
  • Convenient cash advances of $1,000 with the ATH International Visa Gold Card and:  
    • Protection against unauthorized charges:
      You will not be responsible for unauthorized purchases. 2
    • Visa Emergency Assistance:
      Don't worry if you lose your plane tickets, we will replace them quickly and also provide assistance with lost luggage. 3

New International ATH® Visa debit card with chip technology!