Created many years ago, Popular has the only Foreign Exchange Department in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands. Offering all the products and services of the market, its mayor commitment is to cover all the needs of tourists, individual and commercial customers, with the highest quality and excellence.

Products and Services:

  • Purchases and sales of foreign bank notes

Service available in any of our 200 branches in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Tortola, at competitive rates.

  • Purchases and sales of traveler checks

Buy traveler checks in Euros and Sterling Pounds directly in our Department. Or, if you need to exchange your traveler cheques into dollars, you may visit any branch in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands or Tortola; we buy them immediately and reimburse you the U.S. Dollar equivalent.

  • Sales of drafts in foreign currencies

International drafts in foreign currencies available to honor your global payments. This instrument is also offered in our Foreign Exchange Department, or through any branch. They are redeemable upon presentation in the drawing bank, acting as a local check and avoiding collection charges.

  • Wire Transfer Service

Wire transfers in foreign currencies are performed by Popular using its own foreign currency accounts in foreigh banks.  This enables the bank to offer the most competitive rates in the market. You may request this service though any branch in Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands or Tortola, and also though Private Banking.

  • Other

Graphics and Rate Certifications available upon request

For any additional information, please contact us through our direct line (787) 722-3240