New Mi Banco Mobile app, designed specifically for iPad®.

Discover our new Mi Banco Mobile app, designed specifically for iPad®. Where you may log in with fingerprint, be aware of where your money goes with our Money Management Tool, and deposit checks directly from your iPad®.

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Manage your accounts 24/7

  • Verify your balances and transactions
  • View your e-bills and e-Statements
  • Make payments and transfers
  • Deposit checks1
  • Locate branches and ATMs near you
  • Track the activity in your accounts, including transactions made during the last 18 months

Save time

  • Make payments and transfers
    • Pay your bills. With over 5,000 payees available, such as: water, electricity, cable, mortgage, car loan, among others. View more
    • Transfer money between your accounts, and have them available immediately.
  • Locator: Find your nearest branches and ATMs

New features

  • Log in with your fingerprint, using Touch ID. View demo
  • Money Management Tool: Control your budget, expenses and cash flow in one place. Learn about the tool
  • Deposit checks directly from your iPad®, whenever and wherever with Mobile Easy Deposit.

Other features

  • Security: your information is protected by 128-bit encryption. The app will not store any of your information. Learn more about Security
  • Account Personalization: Identify your accounts with the image of your choice, making it easier to identify.
  • Receipts: Every time you pay or make a transfer, you will receive a receipt with a reference number as a guarantee.
iPad Mi Banco Mobile