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Kurt Schindler

Certified Financial Planner®

Hi.  I am  Kurt Schindler and I am a Certified Financial Planner® - one of 9 in Banco Popular and one of 29 in Puerto Rico. At Popular, we have a team of experts in our branches and administrative offices that is here to help you and your family with one of the most important subjects that will help you achieve your dreams: Your Finances. 

We are currently facing a very challenging environment, which has forced us to look at our finances like never before. Perhaps we have seen changes in our employment or in our household income. And in this current scenario, we constantly ask ourselves:  Is there anything I can do?

The answer is yes and we are here to help, but you must have the will to improve your financial situation. How? It is simple. Now, I will not lie to you, you will need some  tools  to do it, we provide them. The first thing you should do is download your Budget Worksheet , which will help you list your monthly expenses.

This list --which should include all your expenses and payments, monthly and daily -- will help you improve your financial situation.  You may ask yourself, why should I begin listing expenses when what I really need is higher income to balance my budget? Well, you will be surprised to find out that  our financial success depends more on how much we spend rather than on how much we earn.

This site will provide you  tips and tools  to help you take control of your expenses and improve your financial situation. Accept the challenge. Let us improve your finances. Join me.

- Kurt

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