My Savings


Everyone has a reason for not saving. What is yours?

Saving can help us in two ways:

1. To face unexpected expenses:

  • Medical bills not covered by health insurance such as, medications and deductibles.
  • Car problems such as, if it breaks down or needs new tires.
  • Household situations such as a broken water pipe or refrigerator that doesn't work.
  • Family events such as graduations and birthdays. 

2. To reach goals:

  • Going on vacation.
  • Buying a new home or improving the one you own.
  • Setting up your own business.
  • Paying for your children's college education.
  • Retiring comfortably in the countryside or the beach. 

Now, do you know how much to save? It all depends on you. Ideally, you should have an emergency fund to cover your basic expenses from 3 to 6 months. Set up a savings plan and try to save a fixed percentage of your income. If that is impossible right now, start by saving even a small amount from each paycheck. Every penny counts.

Check your personal budget worksheet to find out how much you can save and apply thesesimple saving tips.