Travel Notification

Our priority is to prevent the unauthorized use of your account.Avoid having your credit card blocked by letting us know when and where you will be travelling. We will make a note of this information and contact you if there is an unusual use of your account to the telephone number provided.

Online Activation

For your convenience, now you can instantly activate your credit cards through Mi Banco Online. Once you receive your new credit card, visit the "Services for my Card" section and click on "Activate your card". You will also be able to see the other credit cards tied to your account.

Lost or stolen Cards

Reporting a lost or stolen card is now easier than ever. Access the "Services for my Card" section and provide the information about your lost or stolen credit cards, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition, you may also let us know if you lose your PIN number, don't remember it, or if you see suspicious transactions in your account statement.

We will automatically cancel your credit card and one of our representatives will process the information you provided to launch an investigation. To allow you to continue using a credit card, we will send you a new credit card by mail.

Secret Number PIN

Assign a PIN to your credit card with just one click.In the "Services for my Card" section of Mi Banco Online, you may request a PIN for your credit cards and other credit cards associated with the account.

Once we receive your request, we will send you the assigned PIN number by mail to the address we have in our system. If you wish to change the pin after receiving it, call 1-866-589-3126.