Mi Banco: Benefits and features


Money Management Tool

Now you’ve got a better way to manage your money. Our money management tool in Mi Banco helps you keep control of your budget and finances, see where your money is spent, filter by debit and credit transactions, categorize your transactions, personalize tool by adding notes and rules, and more.

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Pay bills, such as: water bill, phone bill, cable bill, satellite bill, cellphone bill, credit cards bill, mortgage loans, auto loans, personal loans, government agencies, residential associations, schools, and more. 

Pay Online


Save time by transferring money between your accounts, and having access to the money instantly, anywhere and anytime.


  • Get a reference number
  • Transfer confirmation via email
  • Text message notification
  • Up to 13 months of transfers history
  • Instant availability

Maximize your account’s management at all times

Deposit accounts:

  • Order checks and statement copies
  • Order checks
  • Stop payments for your checks

Credit cards:

  • Damaged card replacements
  • Add an authorized user

More features:

  • Travel notification
  • Online activation
  • Report lost or stolen cards
  • Assign PIN Number to your cards
  • Insurance options

Mi Banco Alerts

We’ll alert you via text message or email every time you use your ATH debit card® or exceed your budget. You choose which notifications you want to receive. You may even request your account balance by text message!

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e-Statements & e-Bills

Go paperless! Receive your accounts statements and bills online, when activating e-Statements and e-Bills service. You’ll even receive your bills faster than regular mail, and the service is free.



Personalizing your account’s names, payees, alerts and transfers has never been easier. Mi Banco Online lets you assign the name of your preference for better identification at the time of making payments, transfers and even when receiving or requesting alerts.


The only account 100% online: One of the many benefits that Mi Banco Online has for you. You don’t need to visit the bank anymore to open a Popular deposit account.

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