We can establish your defined contribution plan and tailor our services to provide your business with efficient trustee, recordkeeping and investment advisory services, regardless of your particular needs or plan requirements.

Some of the personalized services offered are:

  • Receipt and investment of employees’ and employer contributions
  • Participant’s disbursements, tax reporting and withholdings
  • 24-hour VRU and web-access to review account activity at popular.com/401k
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual plan level trust reporting
  • Custody of plan assets
  • Assistance to auditors and administrators, as required
  • Single point of contact with team of specialists
  • Proxy voting (directed or discretionary)

Orientation & Events

Webinars, on-site seminars, and conferences are offered throughout the year to discuss specific issues and developments in the retirement plans administration industry. In addition, our annual Retirement Plans Conference is a one-day event that allows our clients to learn further and network with prominent figures in the industry.

Investment Consulting Services

We assist you in your fiduciary responsibility by implementing a formal and prudent investment process in the selection and periodic monitoring of your plan’s investment options.

Non Qualified Plans

Plans designed to help satisfy the retirement needs of key executives and other highly-compensated employees, providing benefits beyond those available in a qualified retirement plan.

For more information, please contact us at 787.754.4005 or online. To manage your account online, you may visit popular.com/401k