Benefits of this service

With Mi Banco Alerts1 you can manage to stay on budget and have total security of your accounts by monitoring your transactions in real time

  • Set up alerts by account, by debit card and by credit card.
  • Choose the time when you want to receive the alerts.
  • Choose whether you want to receive alerts by email (only for debit cards), mobile phone (SMS) or both.

Alerts available

Balance alerts

  • Know when your balance is greater or less than the amount you specify.

Purchases with your debit card and credit card2

  • Purchases made with your debit card and credit card include location, time of purchase and total transaction amount.

Get to know more about the new alerts for your credit cards.

ATM withdrawals with your debit card

  • Find out if you exceed the daily budget that you set

Payment and Transfer notifications

  • Payment confirmations
  • Modified payments in process
  • Deleted payments in process
  • Confirmation error
  • Transfer confirmations
  • Transfers in process to be modified

Changes in Personal Information Alerts

  • Password change or blocked
  • Secret question changed or blocked
  • Email change
  • Telephone change
  • Address change
  • Phone number change in Mi Banco Text
  • New device connection

What do you need to receive text message alerts?

  • Be registered on Mi Banco Online
  • Sign up for Mi Banco Text and authenticate your mobile phone number.
  • A mobile phone from AT&T, Claro, Open Mobile, Sprint or T-Mobile with text messaging sending and receiving capabilities.

How do I request my account balances via text message?

First you must activate Mi Banco Alerts and register your phone number. Once registered, you can request and receive basic information via text messages. Just send a text message to this number: 27776 (BPPRM) and text the following words based on your needs.

Text BPPRM (27776) with these commands:
TEXT us To find out about…

Your account name


Balance of a specific account

? + Mi Banco Online username


A list of all your account names or
nickname as they appear at Mi Banco
" help" Customer service and more information
" stop" To stop receiving text message alerts

Start receiving your alerts today and manage your budget in the best way!